Welcome to my page dedicated to my conference talks! As a passionate Java developer and blogger, I am committed to not only sharing my knowledge and insights on Java through my writing but also in person through my engaging and informative talks. I truly enjoy connecting with attendees and sharing my passion for Java with others in the community. Here, you will find a comprehensive list of all the talks I have given at various conferences, covering a range of topics related to Java and its ecosystem. Whether you are an experienced developer or just starting out, I am confident you will find something of value here. So, dive in and discover my passion for Java in action!

Introduction and pitfalls of Java's new concurrency model

Java 19 will preview one of the most anticipated features, virtual threads, and structured concurrency. It rethinks the way multithreading works in Java. It was born out of the idea that reactive Java is too complicated and blocking threads has to be cheap. Resulting in the new virtual threads that we run thousands of! The aim of virtual threads and structured concurrency is to have high-throughput lightweight threads and new programming models on the Java platform. In this talk, I will demonstrate virtual threads and how to create and manage them using structured concurrency. Furthermore, I'll provide some practical advice to avoid pitfalls when you start using virtual threads in your application.

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